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Random Rants
Also be aware that the things in life that piss me off are equally expressible here.

Here's what I like...
Terrorists try to carry explosives onto a plane and now AMERICAN's can't carry shampoo onto flights.
When are we going to start profiling these crazies and stop harrassing little old ladies and kids?
Tell you what, let's lock the friggin' ACLU (Anti Christian Lawyers Union) up at Gitmo so they can defend the terrorists we captured at the training bases in Afghanistan. Maybe once they get an up close look at what these bastards want, they'll wise up and drop it. Of course, that is if they have the time between making Los Cruses change their city seal and wanting pedophiles to be able to live near schools.

People who drive 10 miles an hour slower than the posted limit in the left lane.

Drivers that are in a hurry to get in front of me, but not in a hurry to go anywhere after that.

People who drive through the same construction site every day for six months and STILL don't get into the proper lane without cutting someone off.

People who stop in the acceleration lane!

People who come to a complete stop before making a right turn.

You know that bumper sticker that says "I wish I were whatever" ? I wish they were too because then they wouldn't be slowing down traffic.

People who are compelled to STOP and LOOK at the pretty blue lights at an accident. They will most likely CAUSE an accident but won't be IN one.

Wife/child beaters. Hey, here's my e-mail address. You wanna fight? Drop me a line. But I'm not a kid or a scared woman and I  WILL fucking hit you back.

I go into a restaurant and order a hamburger, the waitress says "You want cheese on that?" Now, wouldn't that be a cheeseburger? And if I wanted one, wouldn't I have ORDERED one?

And who the HELL decided that burgers MUST be served with a pickle?