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All About...
the things that make me happy!

Now, like I said Rock and Roll is just about the best thing to happen to this planet since that whole Tenguska thing, in fact I've thrown a few parties that makes that look like a girl scout sleep over.
Also you just can't beat a good live loud-ass band. Notice I said good, you see, a hand grenade is loud but that doesn't mean I want to hear it.
There are a number of bands that I like and they are a somewhat diverse group. I am a self proclaimed metal head but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a different type of music now and again. I have often resorted to Classical Music to help me relax and unwind. Of course, I used to listen to Motorhead before work. After a few strains of Cradle To The Grave or Ace Of Spades not a whole lot will happen that day to knock you off balance.
I used to live in a military town in North Carolina. For a small place, we had a good number of bands. There was the Beatles cover band made up of members from the local music store (they don't look like 'em but they got the sound cold). Sacred Ground was a good band made up of some old band mates of mine (Mike Carmel who used to play with the Wallflowers before they broke out and Troy Schank), they recorded their second album at Jesse Dupree's studio in Atlanta. Jesse of course is the lead singer of Jackyl, a great bunch of guys I actually got to party with while they were still doing the club tours. Anyway, I played bass and did a little singing with Mike and them in a band called Wutmony. It was a blast and I owe the thanks to Jimi Lee for getting me the gig. That led me to a job with Dave Sabal who formed Equinox and asked me to sing for them. We had some great times in that band and Dave actually wound up marrying the backup singer. Sadly the band went their separate ways and I miss those days.
As far as band mates go, I guess the one I miss the most would be a drummer named Dan Calkins. We played together for like seven years and worked so well together that we instinctively knew what the other would do next. That band was called ICU  and were quite well known in our neck of the woods. Our last show as a band was a private party for some friends and when it was over we just kinda looked at each other like 'what the hell do we do now?'. He moved around a bit and the last I heard from him was that he was helping his son get into the band business.
Where I live now, there are also good bands. The down side is that they all want to play white-boy rap or the like. That and if it has nothing to do with UT football then it doesn't exist. Don't get me wrong I appreciate a good college ball game now and again but to shut the whole town down for it is... well, ignorant.
While I lived in north Carolina I had the privilege of working with Kerry d'Hemecourt owner of Avalanche Records and Cue Master Recording Studios. He was very patient with me over the years and I carried most of what I learned from him as far as studio work out on the road. ICU and Equinox both recorded demos and other things with Kerry, as did most of the bands I worked with there. He has even worked with us at a number of shows and really knows his stuff. Hey, if he can make me sound good...
Music as you can tell has been a big part of my life and I enjoy watching other bands play. Sometimes I even pass on some of my knowledge and experience to those willing to listen. I've often said that at my funeral I would like to have a live band. Of course, my parents think I'm nuts!